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ARTICLE: The people are the boss, but are they?

ARTICLE: The people are the boss, but are they?

In a democracy, we always say that the people are the boss. But if the people are the boss, what is the most important power they should have? We can talk about equality, justice, human rights – don’t get me wrong, all these are very very important – but when it comes to money, if … Continue reading

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  • @radianceleong bravo. Your MP also banana.**** 1 hour ago
  • 在东海大学(台中)与学生们见面是另一个充实的节目。这回有人问了关于一马公司弊案及选区重划的问题。感谢郭應哲教授及曾文诚同学安排了这场讲座会。 Met with students at Tung Hai University...**** 12 hours ago
  • 第一次吃臭豆腐. First time eating "stinky tofu" 😳**** 13 hours ago
  • 在台大与学生们会面,他们提出了艰难又考智力的问题。非常感谢同学们, 希望你们不断的精益求精! Met with students at National Taiwan University. They asked us...**** 1 day ago
  • Tua Tiu Tianh 大稻埕, Taipei. Commercial buildings and godowns built before the Great War era.**** 1 day ago

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