Councillor’s report

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updated 27 March 2013

Municipal cases

The pie chart below shows the breakdown in percentage the types of cases I have handled from Jan 2011 – Jan 2013.

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The bar chart below shows the number of cases I have handed by months from Jan 2011 – Jan 201barcart_rc
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Major policies and programmes

Below are the major policies and programmes which I have proposed, tabled and implemented in the Seberang Perai Municipal Council (MPSP) during my tenure as a Councillor (starting 07 January 2011).


1) Established the first-ever Gender Mainstreaming and OKU ad-hoc committee which aimed to promoting gender equality as well as the rights of people with disability in the municipality. (February)

2) Sponsored the policy to implement Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) in the council by 2015. The GRB project is now in its pilot Year 1.

3) Organised a community health check campaign under the banner of “Cleaner, Greener and Healthier Penang” in Permatang Tinggi, Machang Bubok, Kampung Baru and Alma Estate

4) Campaigned for the release of EO5 who were unjustly detained under the draconian Emergency Ordinance by the Malaysian government. I issued a joint statement with Brad Pettitt, the Major of Seberang Perai’s twin city, Freemantle in Australia and Freemantle Councilor Sam Wainwright. (July)

5) Proposed the implementation of floor wage and Malaysian workers quota for workers of council’s core service contractors, namely the garbage collection and general cleaning works which employ about 1,000 low-wage workers. (October)

6) Resolved the 10-year drainage issue in Bukit Teh with the upgrading of drains by both MPSP and JKR. (December)


1) Spearheaded the “Better Penang” mobile app project, a community-owned application which facilitates interactions with the two local authorities in Penang (MPPP & MPSP) as well as the creation of an ideas bank. (Feb)

2) Campaigned for more transparency and community participation in council’s decision making, leading to the first participatory budget dialogue with the community in 10 years. (May)

3) Assisted villagers in Kampung Permatang Tinggi to build a connecting road between Lorong Permatang Tinggi Indah 1 and Rumah Sejahtera senior citizens’ home. They have requested the connecting road for many years in order to create better traffic flow in the accident-prone area.

4) Called for the council to tighten the monitoring of existing and new developments in Seberang Perai, include the piercing of corporate veil to identify delinquent developers hiding behind corporate entities and taking stern actions against fraudulent submission of project documents. (May)

5) Organised a private screening of the critically-acclaimed global documentary entitled “Urbanized” to staff of the councils and representatives from civil society. The documentary featured urban design and planning from all over the world. The purpose of the screening was to expose MPSP staff to best practices from other countries in terms of local government operation. (May)

6) “Cleaner, Greener, Healthier Penang” community health check programmes in Taman Machang Bubok (17 June 2012) and Taman Sri Kijang (15 July 2012)

7) Provided allocation to JKKK Taman Machang Bubok to renovate Taman Machang Bubok’s community activities hall (July 2012)

8) Provided allocation to JKKK Kampung Permatang Tinggi to upgrade the drainage system in the whole village (August 2012)

9) Larian Hijau MPSP – the inaugural eco-half marathon event in Seberang Perai (26 August 2012)

10) Empowering women leaders in local government – spoke at the Leaders with a Difference: Latihan Kepimpinan Wanita dalam Urus Tadbir Tempatan (22 September 2012)

11) Projek #Nudge, using social behavioural psychology to resolve irresponsible littering problem in public garbage bins – first experiment site in Taman Bukit (Dec 2012)

12) Through my advocacy in the One Stop Centre (OSC) Committee, MPSP has issued a new guideline on the provision of open space by developers. 70% of the required open space must be concentrated in one area to ensure that the public space is functional for the community.


1) #BetterPenang – Local democracy campaign (stay tuned…)

2) Ops Bersih 1, a 10-day pre-CNY intensive cleanup of Bukit Mertajam.

3) Introduced a new policy for the building and management of public sports facilities in Seberang Perai. Previously, most of these facilities were built without proper plan submission to the local government and hence are not within the management and maintenance of MPSP. When damaged, the local community have to source for funding to repair, usually from the local YB (thus creating unnecessary political dependency) or sponsorship from well-wishers or use their neighbourhood fund. With the new policy, this will change as MPSP will now take charge of the maintenance. (March 2013)

4) Launched the Apple iOS version of the BetterPenang mobile app to make interaction with the local governments in Penang easier. This is the first city app in Malaysia. (March 2013)


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