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Manufacturing fear – UMNO, the party that failed to progress

It used to be “I help you, you help me”.

But with the political bullying by UMNO and UMNO-sponsored groups against the Opposition and those who criticise the government becoming a trend, it is now more like “I beat you, if you don’t help me”.

UMNO is trying to manufacture fear, but it clearly does not understand that a fear-propaganda will only work in a closed system, in a hegemonic condition. With the information revolution of the 21st century, such hegemonic condition is difficult to create, must less sustained. And without a continuous broadcast of the message of fear, UMNO is only able to create localised violence, like a school bully; perhaps avoided by others but definitely will not influence the others to join them.

With the majority of the people exposed to alternative media, and having more opportunity to interact across communal lines, UMNO’s message of communal hatred and provocation of violence will fail. UMNO’s biggest failure is it is still using Nazi’s technique from the 40s from the era of radio broadcast. Just like everything else about UMNO, its campaign failed to progress with time.

The people just had to be mindful that the alternative is possible. We are very clear that violence is not an option, we are very clear that hatred against each other is not an option. The alternative is possible and is available.

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